Accelerate DevOps with GitHub – by Michael Kaufmann

07 Sep, 2022
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Are you struggling with DevOps? You are not the only one. Many people have read books and done the research, but still fail to apply DevOps in their organization.  

That is why our German CEO, Michael Kaufmann, has published a practical guide to DevOps. A book that is not solely product documentation but balances the WHY and HOW behind DevOps with GitHub. In his book, Michael explains exactly how we coach organizations to accelerate their software delivery and progress in their DevOps journey. From the WHY behind how we do certain things in a given order to hands-on practical guidance on HOW to do it. 

Accelerate DevOps with GitHub is available with a 20% discount on the e-book ordered on the PACKT website until September 30. Use the discount code ADG1 to claim your 20% discount.

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Vivian Andringa
Head of Global Marketing Xebia Microsoft Services

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