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04 May, 2021
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When Sofie Wisse first engaged with Xpirit, she soon became curious. The drive, knowledge, and enthusiasm of Xpirit’s consultants really appealed to her. She followed her gut-feeling, and the rest is history! Sofie has more than found her feet as a DevOps and Azure consultant. What made her want to become part of Xpirit, and have her expectations been met?

When in doubt, do it

When Sofie first came into contact with Xpirit, she was thoroughly enjoying her time at her previous employer. Yet, there was something about Xpirit that made her tick. "I had my doubts, wondering if switching jobs after three years was too soon and if I had enough experience. Xpirit’s consultants seemed so knowledgeable!" Sofie approached a few of our team members, who assured her that the willingness to learn is most important. No one knows it all, but together we can always figure it out.

"As long as you are eager to learn new things and don’t mind saying ‘I don’t know, but I’m going to find out for you’ once in a while, then go for it! Applying for a job is always exciting, but you have nothing to lose." Sofie Wisse.

Professional & personal growth

Looking back, Sofie has made great strides in recent years, both in personal and professional growth. She acknowledges that she doesn’t always know everything, but in a short time, she has learned a great deal by discovering things together with her colleagues. "We are a very close team, with the same passion for IT and the same ambition – to make an impact. My learning curve has really accelerated since I started working at Xpirit. Sharing knowledge is very important, be it by working on an assignment together, participating in our knowledge-sharing events, or by following training courses, for which you receive a generous budget. You have to take the initiative, but if you are curious and want to learn, the opportunities here are unparalleled."

Learning by doing

When asked what she is most proud of, Sofie replies: "Designing a DevOps training for Maersk!" Together with several colleagues, Sofie created a workshop-style training that presented participants with challenges they had to solve. By including a storyline, the team helped Maersk’s employees experience DevOps and therefore understand it better. "It was hard work, but we did it together, and it was completely worth it. The results were great."

People first

Xpirit is part of Xebia Group and, therefore, also shares its values. One of these values is ‘People First.’ Sofie explains how she experiences this: "For me, ‘People First’ really stands out. After your assessment, you are a part of the team immediately, and you are also given responsibility from the start. Additionally, the team is very close. We show an interest in each other’s personal lives, share the good and the bad, and check in on each other via Slack, Teams, or our team’s WhatsApp group, especially now we are working from home more due to the COVID regulations."

A glimpse at the future

Sofie has undoubtedly found her feet within Xpirit, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for growth: "At the moment, I’m mainly involved in DevOps and the infra and code side of Azure. I want to learn more about the architecture. Why do you use specific components, and how do you set that up?" When asked how she plans to take this next step, Sofie replies: "At Xpirit, we are fully committed to learning new skills, and following training courses is pretty standard here. So to learn more about Azure architecture, that’s what I did! Besides that, I have the freedom to choose the assignments I am interested in, and because the work we do for our clients covers many components, there are always a few that match what you are already good at or want to become good at."

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