"The Best Requirements Method" survey

08 May, 2008
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What is the Best Requirements method? That’s a mighty big and difficult question to ask, for several reasons. Everyone has a different idea of "best", but also of "requirements method".
While I could try to analyze various methods according to various statistics, it would still only give a one-sided view on the subject. In addition I only know a few methods very well so that would leave out other methods.
A different approach, the one that we take here, is to ask you, the participant in the requirements process.

By sharing our experiences we can get a better picture of the strengths and weaknesses of each method in several areas, according to people who have practical experience.
The results of the survey will be posted on this blog.
Now, without further ado, please visit the survey – at:

and answer the questions.
Further explanation is provided in the survey.


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