7 Habits of Successful Software Companies

18 Jul, 2014
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Software companies are reinventing their product strategies everyday to stay ahead of competitors. In recent years, a drive towards digital processes, easy access to cloud computing, and constant flow of information, has increased the competitive bar for these companies to develop products that can stun the market and take their competitors off guard. They are working relentlessly to achieve steady growth, ensure customer and employee satisfaction, make profits and eventually become a market leader, all amidst intense competition.  To sustain in the long run, it becomes essential for software companies to nurture habits that would not only help them deliver quality products, but also build an organization that is strong enough to withstand any adverse situation.

Although software businesses vary in their product offerings, the industries they operate in, strategic approaches and business structures they adopt, there is still a certain thread of common habits that runs amongst them. What are these, you ask? We have compiled a neat list of seven habits that we have observed from our experience with software product companies.

We hope that through this ebook, you are able to gain insights into what makes some software companies tick and why some others fail.

Here’s a sneak peek at the seven habits:

  • Develop a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Have a clear vision and a proper strategy in place to achieve goals
  • Focus on the important issues by setting the right priorities and building core competencies
  • Build healthy relationship with employees, customers and the entire value chain
  • Adopt customer-centric development, but don’t ignore product-centric development
  • Always keep the big picture view in perspective
  • Continuously improve by measuring and analyzing
Ankita Katuri
Software engineer at coMakeIT

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