6 Reasons A Mobile App Is Indispensable For Your Business

24 Apr, 2015
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Mobile has disrupted the status quo in an amazing way. It is advancing now at a lightning pace and revolutionizing business at every organization – both big and small. The question is, are you investing the time and resources necessary to define a transformative mobile strategy?

Without even referring to stats, everyone already realizes the amount of time any given individual spends on mobile. From shopping to playing games to trading and payment to getting real time news updates – mobile is no longer just a passing trend – it is the future of computing.  

If you aren’t on mobile, your consumers may never know your existence. However, if you are still on the fence about going mobile and unable to visualize the impact mobile can have on your business, read on and check out all the prominent reasons, mobility shouldn’t just be left as an extra option, and instead should be given all the reverence of an integral part of enterprise strategy.

1. Your prospective buyers (and customers) are already on mobile:  

There is no dearth of stats to prove that mobile usage is increasing at a crazy high pace. A recent study by suggested that the average person spends 90 minutes a day on their mobile – that is 1.5 hours you have everyday to get to influence your prospective buyer. Highly connected consumers mean that your business has the opportunity to become a visible and engaging presence in their daily lives. When a prospective buyer downloads an app, it already indicates a good level of engagement. Enterprises can do well to capitalize on this engagement and develop a real relationship with the consumer and forge brand loyalty. With an app, you create an open line of communication with your customer, which can mean live chats, targeted, personalized messaging and other communication features, which will not just engage your customer, but also drive sales and gain intelligence for new products and developments.

2. Your competitors are already on mobile too: Yet another crucial factor to consider is: if consumers are starting to expect the convenience and responsiveness of a mobile app (and rest assured, they are), then your competitors would have already gotten on the bandwagon. In the future when it comes to buying, upgrading or renewing, who are they going to? To the business that made themselves available, relevant and easy to engage with. With the multitude of options that a buyer is presented with, it is increasingly coming down to being responsive and engaging with your buyers on a personal level, and that should be enough reason for organizations to start implementing an enterprise wide mobile strategy. Doing so before your competitors also solidifies the perception that you are an organization that prioritizes its customer and his/her needs, and more importantly, that you are keenly following and adapting to evolving technology development.

3. Generate leads and engage in direct marketing: Sure, mobile apps are a great way to stay connected with your existing customers and prospective buyers. But it also holds with it an immense lead generation potential. Also, one of the best benefits an organization has with having a mobile app is – they can easily provide their customers with all the information they need such as product updates, latest features, promotions and so on. You also can announce special sales or loyalty programs that are available only to those users that are using the mobile platform.

4. Delighting your customer: Imagine your customer faces a problem when using your product and you resolve it for them in an instant. With a mobile app, you have the potential to make your customer’s life infinitely easier when using your product or service. You can perhaps direct them to a 24/7 chat support or a FAQs interface, making the whole process of using your product, a simple and streamlined affair. Putting this level of thought into making your customers happy is guaranteed to earn major brownie points for your business!

5. Brand recognition: As already mentioned, mobile apps are an amazing tool to connect with customers and build a successful brand. Even when an organization has a fully established brand, a mobile strategy can help further solidify its brand. You can even give life to all the wonderful corporate values that you espouse, making your brand personable and at the same time motivating people to want to do business with you. Prolific mobile users, with an insatiable appetite, are known to browse through app stores to check out what’s new. If your app offers real value and has great design, people will want to use it. Even those previously unfamiliar with the brand, will be introduced to your business, your website and perhaps even your store, paving the way for them to become loyalists some day.

6. Promotion and sales: With a mobile app, you can also easily run promotions for your business. With features such as push notifications, you can immediately grab the customer’s attention. Also, think about the convenience of shopping on your mobile on-the-go vs. browsing a website at a desktop or having to personally visit a store. Your customers will highly appreciate the convenience afforded by being able to avail promotion and sales through a mobile app and being able to make a purchase from literally anywhere.

Mobile is not a mere technological fad. As people are getting accustomed to higher expectations of better engagement, convenience and responsiveness, it is time for organizations to realize the indispensable long-term benefits of adopting a mobile strategy and get started on it today!

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Ankita Katuri
Software engineer at coMakeIT

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