5 Ways Mobile Apps Are Revolutionizing Healthcare

06 Feb, 2015
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The world we live in is impacted drastically by the remarkable rise in the development of strategic new mobile apps. Healthcare is one such field, which has gained a brand new dimension with the introduction of mobile apps. Mobile application strategy, as implemented in the healthcare industry represents an area of innovation, where patients and medical practitioners are using mobile technology to gain data and provide insights with tremendous ease. Not only are mobile apps responsible for saving time, money, resources and improving efficiency, but more importantly, they are now becoming a life saving instrument. Mobile apps impact patients, doctors, medical practitioners and even ordinary people and governments, who are able to take control of rising medical expenses.

With healthcare providers coupling the power of mobile devices with technologies such as Cloud, health systems across the world are now offering an entirely new way of delivering health services.

We have identified 5 ways in which mobile apps are revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

  1. Medical data anytime anywhere – Mobile apps connected to wearable devices are now very common in the healthcare industry. Today, it is not at all hard to imagine a situation where a high blood pressure patient is being prescribed a wrist monitor. The wearable device takes the patient’s blood pressure throughout the day and transmits the data to a smartphone app.  The doctor then receives the readings directly through the app. This is an amazing example of how entrepreneurs are harnessing wireless technology to create innovative services.

  2. A life saving solution for Alzheimer’s patients – Even with major advancement in medical field, Alzheimer’s disease is still one of the leading causes of death in the US. However, in the recent past, mobile apps have played a significant role in collecting data and offering treatment to those suffering from the disease. Interestingly, it has become one of the most sought after life saving solution for Alzheimer’s patients in finding a way out to prevent themselves from the deadly disease. Sensing the potential of the app, several mobile app development companies have started developing recall game apps to stimulate brain activity. These apps also help in preventing and delaying the effects of dementia. Some renowned doctors are also working on ground-breaking apps for using facial recognition technology and photo prompts to help patients remember their loved ones.

  3. Reducing waiting times in emergency ward – Nothing can be worse than a situation where you have badly twisted your ankle and need immediate attention, but you have to sit in a waiting room for hours waiting to be attended by someone in the emergency room (ER). To solve this problem, several hospitals are now resorting to mobile apps, which provide ER wait times for multiple facilities. There are mobile apps which facilitate online check-in even before you arrive in the hospital, and also permit you to check-in and wait at home in non-life threatening cases.

  4. Reminds you to take medicines on time – It is quite hard at times for patients to keep track of all medicines and take them on time. This is especially true when there are multiple prescriptions. Infact, in certain situations, these difficulties can also prove fatal to the patient. Innovation in healthcare mobile apps have tackled this problem head-on and provided patients an avenue to track medication intake and set reminders for dosage and time. There are some special apps which work in tandem with a special tracking pill to notify caregivers if a dosage is missed. Innovative companies have also launched apps which can track medications, medical appointments, and allergies as well as offer healthy living tips, all at the touch of a smartphone.

  5. Get instant medical advice anywhere – Patients in many advanced countries have started using health apps, which provide instant medical advice at the touch of a smartphone. Apps are now guiding pregnant women from pre-conception to the various stages of pregnancy and even post-partum. On the other hand, diabetes patients are using apps to monitor and record blood sugar levels and send treatment reminders.

Do you know of any other interesting healthcare mobile apps out there that are taking the effectiveness of the healthcare industry up a notch? Do let us know in comments!

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