14 extensions that can enrich your daily VSTS usage

22 Feb, 2017
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Using VSTS on a daily basis I find that I add a regular list of VSTS Marketplace extensions to my VSTS environment. I find them convenient and helping me to get the most out of VSTS. The list below is primarily focused on the Work and Code area and not so much on the Build and Release area.

The list below, in random order, lists the extensions and adds a short description and provides a link to the VSTS Marketplace. Not all items are free at this point in time, or are currently in development.

  1. Code Search, this extension allows you to search your code repositories better
  2. Work Item Search, enable rich work item search in your project
  3. Open in Excel, open a query using Excel, what more can i say about this 🙂
  4. Delivery Plans, useful to get insights in your delivery
  5. Agile Cards, need cards on paper? this extension may be really helpful
  6. Package Management, allows for feeds to manage your own packages
  7. Personas, identify personas for your work items
  8. Product Vision, Every company or team needs a sharp product vision, make sure yours is know and seen!
  9. Multi value Control, when you have the need for a multi-select field customize your work items with this extension. A blogpost on this is coming soon.
  10. Folder Management, when using TFVC as source control, this extension allows you to quickly work against the repository without the need of setting up a local workspace with Visual Studio.
  11. Workitem Visualization, whats in a name, it allows you to visualize your work items and relations
  12. Area Dependencies, identify and visualize cross team dependencies between workitems
  13. Wiki, no explanation needed I hope, be aware this extension is currently still a bit experimental in its usage, but there is a high potential for it
  14. Estimate, a nice and collaborative way of estimating work items, this works really well for distributed teams,



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