DevOps Consultant & Trainer

Sofie Wisse

Sofie Wisse is a DevOps consultant and trainer at Xebia Academy and Xpirit. She has profound knowledge of DevOps, CI/CD and Microsoft Azure and loves sharing that in her training courses.

Sofie is a DevOps consultant at Xpirit and a trainer at Xebia Academy. With her profound knowledge of DevOps, CI/CD and Microsoft Azure, she's in the right position to guide you in your learning journey, whatever the topic.

Learning new things is what Sofie enjoys, and that could be anything, from learning new technologies to following a wine course.

Breaking up difficult problems into smaller pieces and starting from the beginning, as well as working with people and making them successful is what she's good at. Sofie is generally impressed with topic experts who can passionately share their knowledge, so that's what she aims for too (and she's well underway, of course 😉).


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