Evelyn van Kelle

Evelyn van Kelle is a strategic software delivery consultant who focuses on bridging the gap between Business and IT. She’s also a behavioral change consultant who facilitates sustainable organizational transformations by focusing on human behavior. By implementing a leadership style based on understanding people’s behavior and positively influencing it, Evelyn helps leaders reach their goals.

More about Evelyn van Kelle

Evelyn guides management and teams to become more successful by focusing on optimizing their systems as a whole instead of getting stuck in local optimization efforts. She does that by designing socio-technical systems that properly balance the complex relationships between the organization, its people, and technological systems. To achieve sustainable transformations that actually last, Evelyn focuses on the true critical factor of organizational success: behavior. Using a mixture of social sciences, behavioral sciences, Domain-Driven Design, and technology, she helps to design and evolve the best environment for people to thrive in.

Evelyn's background in social sciences often brings new and surprising perspectives; something you will experience during the training courses. She gives Foundation and Strategic DDD courses, Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) Foundation, as well as visual collaboration training.


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