Beyond Coding - E40

Kaya Weers on AI bias and Diversity in Tech

Xebia Wave Long Background


AI is becoming more and more prevalent. So prevalent that it’s making key decisions in people’s lives. However someone still needs to create that ai, and without bias. Kaya explains the danger of biased ai solutions, and we discuss the importance of increasing diversity in tech

Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order 👇

☑️ The problem with bias in ai
☑️ Increasing awareness and diversity in tech
☑️ The importance of a safe and welcoming environment
☑️ The impact of your communication

Thoughts that stuck with me:
– AI is changing the lives of people, but people still need to create the ai responsibly
– Diversity within the tech sector will not happen overnight, but awareness and lots of small contributions can create big change.


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