Beyond Coding - E37

Jessica Kerr on how Software keeps Evolving and is never Done

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Software has become much more like biology nowadays. To survive it keeps evolving, and it might reach a point where software is never actually done.

Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order:
☑️ How software evolves
☑️ Is software doomed to become legacy?
☑️ Rewrite vs Revamp… or both?
☑️ Developers love having impact
☑️ Shared ownership and the software lifecycle

My favourite takeaways from Jessica this episode:
– Rewrite vs Revamp. Why not both?! It doesn’t look efficient, but it’s a lot more cost effective than only working on the rewrite and then throwing it away two years later.

– What we do has evolved and is more analogous to biology than it is to physics. It used to be about getting the computer to solve this logic problem for you. And now it’s much more about the interactions


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