Beyond Coding - E44

Felienne Hermans on Creating your Own Programming Language

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Felienne shares her journey on how she created Hedy, the programming language that helps teach kids how to program.

Creating your own programming language is a big accomplishment, but a language on its own can only go so far. With actual usage, user feedback, and continuous improvements, Hedy can truly improve the way teachers teach, and kids learn how to program

And it’s definitely on its way to do so. Hedy is available in 18 different languages, and is being used globally. Truly remarkable!

Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order 👇

☑️ Why Felienne created the Hedy programming language
☑️ Maintaining an open source programming language
☑️ Solving the initial problem, but creating new problems along the way
☑️ Dictatorship vs. Bureaucracy in adding features to programming languages
☑️ Closely listening to user feedback


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