Beyond Coding - E46

Deena Gergis on Effective Data Science Solutions

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“Doing the right thing is not equal to doing things right”. This really stuck with me after discussing how to create effective data science solutions with @Deena Gergis.

It would be easy to create a solution ‘just’ from the technical side, but more often than not, your solution might not get used at all that way. Partnering with your stakeholders, and building this solution together is the right way to do it. And it starts by having an equal level conversation with each other.
Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order 👇

☑️ The differences between data science academically, and data science professionally
☑️ Doing things right vs doing the right things
☑️ Buy-in from your most important stakeholders and partners
☑️ The right balance of focus and flexibility in creating data science solutions
☑️ Hiring for emotional intelligence and leadership skills, as well as technical expertise


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