Beyond Coding - E52

Co-creating with UX and Software with Thamar Swart and Simone de Gijt

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Product development is challenging. Even more challenging when those responsible for the user experience barely talk to those responsible for the implementation, and vice-versa…
That’s not how we create the best products.

We do so by communicating continuously, having diverse teams and co-creating!

I invited Thamar Swart and Simone de Gijt on to share their experience when it comes to collaboration and co-creation.

More of the topics we cover this episode, in order 💬
☑️ The challenges of keeping UX and Software Development separate
☑️ What is UX actually, what are the different facets?
☑️ Happy flows and edge cases
☑️ Fixing your customer issues
☑️ Leadership and team autonomy


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