Beyond Coding - E54

An Intro to the Metaverse with Jieke Pan

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The Metaverse. You might have heard of it, but what does it entail exactly? Jieke Pan explains that no one knows exactly, because we’re right at the forefront of it all. It will be a new digital experience and not really tangible. But within that digital space, we’ll be able to experience and deliver value in ways we couldn’t before.

One example he gives is virtual concerts, which are already happening in the Metaverse.

With that however come numerous amounts of technical challenges, some of which we discuss as well.

More of the topics we cover this episode, in order 💬

☑️ What is the metaverse, where did it come from?
☑️ Virtual concerts and business value
☑️ Data privacy and anonymity
☑️ How can there be one decentralised Metaverse?
☑️ Decoupled infrastructure and content layers


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