Beyond Coding - E56

Switching Careers to Software Engineering with Anna McDougall

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Remarkably, Anna McDougall has not just made one career switch, but 2. From a more corporate career in marketing / project management, to a career in opera singing, to a career in tech as a software engineer. Wow! 👏
Interestingly enough, pivoting to a career in opera singing taught her a lot of skills which helped gave her a head start in programming. One of which is how to deal with the Imposter Syndrome 🥸
More of the topics we cover this episode, in order 💬
☑️ Pivoting from a career in opera, to one in tech
☑️ Software used by many requires diverse people to create it
☑️ Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
☑️ Tech interviews
Enjoy! 🎙