Xebia to Catalyse its Sustainability Vision with Salesforce Net Zero Cloud

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First implementation of Salesforce Net Zero Cloud in India

Xebia, a pioneering Software Engineering and IT consultancy company will implement Salesforce Net Zero Cloud to drive sustainability goals with Xebia Salesforce. Xebia is determined to become a net zero company across all its categories, divisions and companies. Through this endeavour, Xebia will build intelligence into its sustainability strategy, where Salesforce will support extensive integration and bring native AI and ML capabilities.

With Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, Xebia will be able to quickly track, analyze, and report reliable environmental data to take tangible steps to reach net zero, in addition to tackling carbon accounting audits in weeks instead of months. With powerful Tableau dashboards, Xebia can visualise its sustainability data, discover trends, have access to transparent reporting and identify the most strategic areas for improvement, empowering decision makers to drive climate action at scale. With automated, real-time, high-precision sustainability reporting, net-zero is no longer a far-fetched goal.

Xebia will also work on involving stakeholders in various sustainability initiatives that contribute as offsets to produced emissions within the ecosystem they operate. Additionally, the company aims to bring sustainability related accountability at the employee level.

Anand Sahay, Global CEO, Xebia said; “In today’s times, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is a crucial part of any organization’s Digital Transformation strategy. We are excited and elated to be the first implementors in this regard. We foresee the Net Zero cloud application to be a benchmark in the sustainability initiatives conducted by organizations across the world.”

Dev Natani, Co-Founder Xebia Salesforce Practice said, “As the world stands on the precipice of drastic climate changes, there is a rising awareness of climate change and sustainability across investors, regulators, consumers, and employees. One of the key agendas of the ESG initiative is to reduce an organization’s (and, an individual’s) carbon footprint by producing only as much of it as it can remove from the environment – thus, called ‘Net Zero’. To take a meaningful step towards becoming Net Zero, organizations must first start understanding and accounting the GHG emissions they currently produce and then come up with plans to reduce them by setting science-based targets and aligning their strategies with evolving regulatory standards like the GHGRP.”

He further added; “We are proud to be the first implementation partner of Net Zero cloud in India. Salesforce Net Zero Cloud enables businesses to manage real-time sustainability data, take data-driven sustainability decisions, and conduct carbon accounting and emissions reporting in a precise fashion.”

Amarendra Kumar, Vice President & Head Alliances, Salesforce India said "The Xebia (Appcino) and Salesforce partnership will help companies build data-driven intelligence into their sustainability strategy. With Salesforce Netzero Cloud, we can track, analyze and report environmental data around sustainability performance and compliance that drives the Netzero goals for any organization."

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