Xebia Introduces Cloud Sustainability Services on AWS

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Xebia Introduces Cloud Sustainability Services, a New Module Focused on the Cloud Practice “GreenOps”.


[June 5th, 2023] - Xebia, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its latest cloud practice, Cloud Sustainability Services. This new practice is designed to help organizations understand, report and optimize their cloud Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions. 

The practice utilizes various strategies such as resource utilization optimization, carbon emissions allocation and emissions specific targets and policies. Cloud Sustainability Services also allow businesses to report on the embodied emissions (Scope III) and showcase their commitment to sustainability and awareness of climate change.

Cloud-related emissions have become an increasingly pressing issue in recent years as businesses rely more heavily on cloud-based services to support their operations. While the cloud offers many benefits, it can also be a major source of carbon emissions contributing to the value chain, with data centers responsible for around 2% of global GHG emissions.

To address this issue, Xebia, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, has developed their Cloud Sustainability Services, a comprehensive set of solutions that enable organizations to optimize their cloud workloads by identifying areas of inefficiency and implementing targeted improvements. This can include everything from streamlining data storage and reducing processing power to using more energy-efficient alternatives for infrastructure.

"With GreenOps, we're providing our customers with the tools they need to not only reduce their carbon footprint, but also report on their emissions and showcase their commitment to sustainability," said Eric Carbijn, Managing Partner at Xebia Cloud | AWS.

“We have experienced an increase in requests from our customers to help them get insights into their IT carbon footprint. Besides the financial incentive to optimize your cloud resources, companies are more and more considering the impact of the IT-side of their business on the environment. We are excited to be able to support them now through this new practice which we have been working on for over a year”, adds Mudit Gupta, Cloud Sustainability Product Lead at Xebia.

For more information about GreenOps and other AWS cloud-based solutions from Xebia, visit the Xebia website.

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