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Application Modernization

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Refresh Your Digital Core

Modernizing the digital core of your organization is imperative to ensure that your applications meet current and future demands: from resilience to cyber-security attacks to the ability to handle increased load, your key systems need to be in perfect condition to support your day-to-day business. Our proven approach results in an actionable modernization strategy that provides a clear path forward. 

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The Right Strategy For Every Workload

Software Modernization​ 

Make changes to your software to take advantage of new technology at scale. 

  • Re-Architecting 
    Making strategic changes to certain parts of your system to address updated or new requirements. It’s about fine-tuning the system to ensure it continues to serve its purpose as expectations or conditions change.
  • Re-Building
    The process of starting from scratch to create a fresh version of software, using current technologies, when the existing system can’t support necessary changes anymore. If an application cannot ​be adapted anymore,​ re-building the software with modern tools can be the best course. 

Cloud Workload Migration​ 

Move your applications to a new cloud environment to optimize cost and flexibility. 

  • Re-Hosting
    Transferring an application to a cloud platform without significant modifications is commonly known as a “lift and shift” strategy. This method focuses on moving the software as-is, avoiding complex reconfiguration or redevelopment. 
  • Re-Platforming 
    Adjust your application slightly to make full use of the new cloud platform’s capabilities. “Lift-and-reshape” takes advantage of target environment features such as scaling, monitoring, compliancy, etc 

Sunset, Replace or Retire

Not every workload requires updating; sometimes retiring or replacing it is the better choice. Consider keeping the workload as is until it’s outdated, retiring the software, or opting for a ready-made commercial alternative are other options.

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How To Get Started

Every modernization journey starts with understanding the “as is”: how are your systems running today, and what needs to change. We can assess individual applications or entire landscapes of systems that work together to support your business. 

We use our RIGOR approach to understand your current situation and your goals: 

  • Assess your current REALITY 
  • Align with INDUSTRY STANDARDS as needed 
  • Define GOALS at every level: individual, organizational, technical, and business 
  • Recognize and agree on primary OBSTACLES that stop you from realizing those goals 
  • Develop an actionable ROADMAP 

We jointly create this roadmap through a combination of interviews, workshops, and deep-dive investigations. Initial interviews have identified primary obstacles and a draft high-level roadmap for discussion. 

Application Modernization Approach

We assess, enable and improve by implementing the necessary changes and by managing your updated or newly built applications.


We offer three key assessments to help you understand and upgrade your software.

  • Application Portfolio Assessment
    A broad sweep over your application landscape to help us identify what needs attention: we quickly build a heatmap to show what needs attention. 
  • Application Modernization Assessment
    For applications that require modernization, we dig a little deeper and decide between re-platforming, re-architecting, and re-building. 
  • Application Architecture Assessment
    A deep dive into applications that need re-architecting or re-building: this assessment is aimed at creating a plan to modernize core applications. 


We can redesign and rebuild your apps, and move them to new environments, setting you up for smooth, efficient operations. 

  • Scaled Software Development
    We develop your software for you: our on- and off-shore teams develop the software you need in an Agile fashion. 
  • We/together/you
    We start the project with our people, approach, and best practices, and gradually onboard your development and maintenance team. We jointly work towards our exit strategy. 
  • Expert Services
    We augment your team with the expertise you need to modernize, ranging from enterprise architects and platform engineers to cloud experts and security specialists. 
  • Training
    In addition to modernizing applications, we can train your teams in Development, Cloud, and DevOps skills. 


We  can provide continuous improvement and maintenance of your applications. 

  • Application Managed Services
    Ranging from 24×7 application monitoring and follow-the-sun support to office-hours maintenance agreements 
  • Continuous Improvement
    Provide ongoing application enhancements and team support at the frequency and level you need. 

Application Modernization Strategies for IT Leadership and Innovation