Bringing Cost Control to the Microsoft Cloud

FinOps on Azure

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Maximize Your Azure Cost Savings

Are you feeling the strain of skyrocketing Azure costs, without seeing an increase in revenue? Take a proactive approach to prevent bill shock and maintain a tight grip on your budget. Ensure a secure financial future with FinOps!

Save money and optimize spending to maximize your cloud investment. Implement strategic strategies and leverage powerful tools to prevent unexpected costs. Architect your infrastructure and applications for efficiency, closely monitor your spending, eliminate hidden expenses, and extend it to DevOps practices, enhancing pipelines and Git repositories. With FinOps, you can supercharge your Azure management and experience unparalleled cost optimization!

Stay ahead of the game, be proactive in managing your cloud costs, and unlock significant savings with FinOps. Don’t let bill shock hinder your progress—take control of your Azure expenses and secure a financially sound future!

Cost management is a bigger priority than security

As organizations embrace cloud services with increased trust in cloud security, they face the challenge of effectively managing the associated costs. While confidence in cloud security grows, the rising reliance on cloud services presents a new hurdle—managing the cost implications. 37%​ of business owners reported being taken aback by cloud charges. ​Businesses typically pay two to three times more than anticipated (Splunck). 45%​ indicate that their expected cloud usage and spend is somewhat or significantly higher than planned (InfoWorld).
Your Solution To Managing Complex Cloud Resources

Discover The Power Of FinOps

FinOps combines financial management principles with cloud operations, aligning the financial aspect of cloud usage with operations. Gain visibility, make data-driven decisions, allocate resources effectively, and optimize costs while delivering high-quality cloud services. Foster a culture of cost-awareness and optimization. FinOps complements DevOps, focusing on the financial aspect of cloud operations for efficient and reliable services.

Manage your cloud resources with ease. Unlike on-premises technology, you can’t simply turn on cloud resources and let them run. With pay-per-use pricing, it’s crucial to effectively manage your cloud usage. As you deploy more resources, keeping track of costs and optimizing spending becomes increasingly complex.

Don’t rely on traditional financial management practices that fall short in the cloud. Embrace FinOps, a comprehensive approach that prioritizes behavior, awareness, and accountability. With FinOps, you can take full control of your cloud finances and thrive in the cloud era. Maximize the potential of your cloud investment and ensure success with FinOps.

People: Empower collaboration between finance and IT teams with FinOps. Together, they take charge of managing cloud costs and optimize spending.

Process: The FinOps process revolves around four key steps: inform, optimize, allocate, and control. Gain valuable insights, optimize resources, accurately allocate costs, and maintain expense control.

Technology: Leverage technology for FinOps success. Utilize cloud cost management platforms, automation tools, and monitoring solutions to save money. Increased tech awareness enables smarter choices and greater savings.

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Increase Transparency, Accountability and Collaboration

Cost Reductions From 20% to 50%.

Effective financial management is crucial as businesses migrate to the cloud. FinOps provides a unique approach to cloud financial management, enabling companies to gain visibility and control over cloud spend. By implementing FinOps, you can increase transparency, accountability, and collaboration within your organization, ultimately optimizing your cloud spending.

If you’re using Azure and looking to save money, give FinOps a try. We specialize in helping businesses generate savings and boost profitability. By implementing FinOps, organizations have achieved significant cost reductions ranging from 20% to 50%.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you optimize your cloud spending with FinOps and maximize the return on your cloud investments.

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FinOps Offering

Overcome challenges like spend accountability, cost-effective options, application tracking, ROI assessment, multiple solutions, premium offerings, monitoring, and early warnings. Gain clarity for confident decision-making.

  • We offer comprehensive solutions to address common challenges, providing clarity, cost optimization, efficient monitoring, and effective decision-making
  • Trust us to guide you through the complexities of cloud management, enabling informed choices and optimal results
  • Say goodbye to uncertainty and embrace the confidence of streamlined cloud operations
  • We assess your environment, provide actionable insights, and help you control costs
  • Choose to implement recommendations or enroll in our Cloud Control for continuous optimization
  • Discover the revolutionizing power of our total cloud control offering, including contract management, FinOps, optimization, and CSP
  • Rely on our expertise to guide and advise on architectural choices that help you achieve cost-effectiveness while reaching your goals
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The Start Of a Journey

FinOps Assessment

Are you ready to unlock the true potential of your cloud operations? We understand the challenges you face when it comes to managing your cloud spendings effectively. That's why we offer a comprehensive solution designed to bring clarity and drive cost efficiency in three stages tailored to your unique needs.
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We bring you clarity, and we deliver it with impressive speed

Experience clarity and speed like never before. Our 3-step approach brings you peace of mind;

  1. Maturity Scan: Using our proprietary FinOps maturity model, we determine your current position. This assessment sets the foundation for optimizing your Azure environment. (3-5 days)
  2. Assessment Prep (Optional): Based on the maturity scan results, we identify any basic issues that need attention to maximize the benefits of the FinOps assessment. We’ll work together to address them effectively.
  3. Cost Assessment: With the groundwork laid and any necessary remediation completed, we embark on an intense 4-6 week collaboration. Our in-depth FinOps assessment delivers crystal-clear results, guiding you toward cost optimization and operational excellence.

Discover a new level of clarity and harness the true potential of your Azure environment. Trust our proven approach to streamline your FinOps journey.

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What's Next

Get Ready for Financial Success

  1. Implementation of Recommendations: Once the assessment is complete, it’s time to put the recommendations into action. Our experts will guide you through the implementation process, ensuring seamless execution and tangible results.
  2. Enroll in Cloud Control: Take your cloud optimization journey to the next level by enrolling in our Cloud Control program. Gain continuous optimization, enhanced monitoring, and ongoing support to keep your cloud operations at peak performance.

Experience the power of implementation and Cloud Control to unlock the full potential of your cloud environment. Get ready for optimized costs, improved efficiency, and unparalleled financial success.

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Master Cloud Cost Management with FinOps

The modern IT landscape sees cloud computing as a cornerstone, with many organizations transitioning their infrastructure. The allure lies in the cloud’s flexibility and scalability. However, as we delve into 2024, challenges, especially related to costs, become more evident.

FinOps provides solutions to manage and reduce cloud spending. Discover the essential eBook for 2024: “Master Cloud Cost Management with FinOps.” Learn why cloud expenses are skyrocketing and how to control them in this era of IT modernization. Don’t be caught off guard; optimize your cloud spending now!

Executive Roundtable

Optimize Cloud Spend and Show Value of Cloud to Business

Join this Executive Roundtable on February 28th, to learn about the most common optimizations from experienced FinOps specialists and share experiences and insights with your peers.

After attending this executive roundtable, you will be able to:

  • make more informed decisions about your cloud strategy;
  • identify areas to save on cost;
  • increase operational efficiencies for your business.