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Landing Zones

Structured environments that actively reduces the complexity and risks associated with migrating to the cloud, while ensuring your infrastructure is robust, secure, and ready for future expansion.

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Stable Foundations in the Cloud

When discussing the cloud, particularly in the context of landing zones, the analogy of building a house is surprisingly fitting. Picture this: you are ready to start building, but the ground beneath your home is unstable, and you lack a solid foundation. What do you do? Do you continue? 

Consider moving to the cloud through a similar lens. Companies are excited about new technology but are unfamiliar with the environment and lack a solid foundation. Should they proceed? Often, the pressure to perform will push them over the edge. They will start building, with all associated consequences. 

Imagine not having to worry about this. Getting a ready-made framework that you can start building your future upon right away? A landing zone is exactly that! 

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Why Opt For A Landing Zone

Some companies have been waiting for months or years for a third-party IT solution, or they have been trying on their own for some time but aren’t getting anywhere — why is bringing your business to the cloud a challenging mission? 

The cloud is a complex ecosystem in which security, control, visibility, autonomy, DevOps, and compliance are interwoven. Getting that right requires the kind of knowledge only dedicated cloud experts tend to have. 

We have built landing zones for a large number of companies, from big banks to international non-profits. Being involved in many different projects, we have the experience and the critical eye to deliver a perfect fit for each company. For SMBs, we will have a landing zone – the complete foundation for your cloud business – up and running within three weeks. For enterprises, it differs from 1 to 6 months.

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Landing Zones Accelerate Development and Enhance Security

After implementing a landing zone, you’ll experience clear benefits: Your enterprise can quickly mobilize DevOps teams, slashing lead times, while your SMB rapidly launches products, boosting market speed. And there are more advantages.

  • No need to reinvent the wheel
  • Receive security insights “out of the box” 
  • Build your house on an existing and proven foundation  
  • A standardized solution is easier to update
  • Knowledge about the landing zone is not tied to one person
  • A landing zone comes with extensive automation
  • Easy to understand for non-IT pros
  • Full code transparency 
  • A high-value solution: we squeezed years of experience and tons of knowledge into this platform

Transforming Cloud Challenges into Opportunities

Overcoming challenges related to a lack of time, people, knowledge, or confidence

Enhancing current landing zones in enterprises

Assisting small and medium-sized businesses in navigating cloud security, compliance, and control.

Managing the pressure to embrace the cloud for competitive advantage

Providing a stable foundation for new initiatives, especially in maximizing data’s business value

Addressing concerns related to data security and compliance in the context of a landing zone

Planting The Seed For An Innovative Future

Enza Zaden enters a long-term partnership with Xebia, leveraging its Microsoft Azure Landing Zone as the foundation for accelerating value delivery and driving innovation.

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Our Landing Zone Approach 

Instead of focusing on a product, we explore business motivations. We aim to understand your business by asking: Why do you need the cloud? Where are you on the cloud journey? What types of workloads are there?

Through interviews and critical thinking, we determine whether our standard landing zone fits. If there is a gap between asks and offer, we can build an add-on. That add-on can then be used by future customers, exemplifying how our landing zone offer grows, continues to move with the market, and meets a wide range of needs.

A landing zone has zero business value. It’s about what you run on it. A landing zone is not a goal. It’s a means to an end. 

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Navigating Risks

The Consequences of Skipping Landing Zones

Uncontrolled Costs

Teams operating in silos can lead to unexpected and high Azure bills, mirroring a scenario where a DevOps team sets up resources without coordination.

Compromised Efficiency

Without a central arrangement, teams taking independent initiatives can result in poorly executed tasks and inefficiencies, akin to installing electricity in a house without a unified plan.

Security and Spending Chaos:

Decentralized decision-making can make spending and security measures uncontrollable, as teams act without shared knowledge or strategy.