Upgrade Your Development With GitHub Copilot

A tool that not only boosts productivity but also enhances code quality and developer satisfaction.

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Boost Your Team's Performance with Generative AI! 

It’s not just about skyrocketing productivity; it’s about transforming your development process with a suite of benefits. 

  • Enhance Quality: Say goodbye to bugs! Copilot significantly reduces issues, making your code robust and reliable. 
  • Follow Best Practices: With proactive suggestions, Copilot guides developers to preferred coding practices effortlessly. 
  • Boost Team Morale: Developers love using Copilot. It’s proven to uplift team satisfaction, which is key to retaining top talent. 

Get Started with GitHub Copilot

We’ve got a straightforward approach to help you get GitHub Copilot up and running in your organization. Simple steps to start, support as you go, and improvements to keep you ahead


We’ll help you set clear goals and check you’re ready to go. 


Next, we’ll get your organization set up and champion a team to lead the charge.


And we don’t stop there. We’ll keep working with your teams to get better and better.

From Metrics to Quickstarts

Your Ultimate Toolkit

Need some tools to help you along? We’ve got everything from Metrics Tracking to Office Hours, and from Expert Hubs to Training sessions. Whether it’s through a workshop or a hackathon, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Or, if you’re in a hurry, our Quickstart Engagements will get you moving fast. 

Dive into GitHub Copilot with Our Tailored enablement Programs

Getting Started Your Way

Choose the learning path that fits your goals—whether it's hands-on practice or deep-diving with additional training.


Jumpstart your team’s proficiency with our two-week Lab program. We kick off with a webinar to set the foundation, followed by targeted training to reinforce and solidify your team’s skills. (2 weeks)

Standard POC

Immerse your development team in the world of Copilot with just enough initial guidance to get started. Benefit from our dedicated Office Hours where experts are on standby to help and answer questions. We’ll check in with surveys to fine-tune the adoption process and identify how we can elevate your experience. (4-6 weeks)

Extended POC

Take the Standard POC further with comprehensive training sessions. Our Copilot Expert Training, coupled with Prompt Engineering sessions, delve deeper than the usual GitHub courses, designed to get the full potential of GitHub Copilot for your team. (4-6 weeks)

Scaled Enablement

For your organization’s full-scale Copilot adoption over three months or more, we start with goal-setting and readiness. Our ‘Train the Trainer’ initiative develops in-house Copilot experts, while our enablement efforts ensure everyone’s on board with the right governance. We track usage and progress, and bolster team skills with ongoing training and community support, always aiming for continuous improvement. (3 months)

GitHub Copilot Training

A comprehensive course designed to provide an end-to-end understanding of GitHub Copilot, including foundational information about generative AI and practical examples. It is intended as a standalone course that takes you from a novice through more advanced topics to get the most out of GitHub Copilot.