Cypress and TestCafé a comparison – part two: In-dept comparison

29 Apr, 2019

This blog is part of a series about comparing Cypress and TestCafé.
In part 1 (link) I introduced both of the frameworks with some examples of how they work, epic features and more.

In this part of the series, I will give you a straight-forward comparison of the 2 frameworks which hopefully will help you in your quest to find the best framework that suites your ambitions.
If you have any remarks about the content, please feel free to contact me.

A comparison between the assertion libraries, code styles and supported languages

   Cypress  Testcafé
  Mocha Y N
  Chai Y Y
  Chai-jQuery Y N
  Sinon Y N
  Sinon-Chai Y N
  Node’s Assert Module Y Y
  Framework specific extensions N Y
Selectors jQuery TestCafe specific
Advised Pattern Custom Commands PageObjectModel
Native JavaScript Version ES2015 ES2017
TypeScript Y Y
CoffeeScript Y Y

Some nifty features

Cypress Testcafé
Time Traveling Y N
Automatic Waiting Y Y
Parallel Runs Y Y
Live Reloading Y Y
Easy setup

CI Specific comparison

Cypress Testcafé
CI – support Y Y
Dashboard Service Y N
Native Video Recording Y Y

On browser support

Cypress Testcafé
Supported Browsers
  Chrome Y Y
  Chromium Y Y
  Canary Y Y
  IE (11+) N Y
  Edge N Y
  Firefox N Y
  Safari N Y
  Android Browser N Y
  Safari Mobile N Y
Headless Mode
  Chrome Y Y
  Firefox N Y

Visual Regression Testing *

Cypress Testcafé
Native Snapshot Testing
Applitools – support
Percy.IO – support

* Both Cypress and TestCafé currently do not support native snapshot testing. At Cypress, they are working on it. TestCafé is thinking about implementing it (or not).

Everybody can join the party

Cypress Testcafé
Supported Operating System
  MacOS Y Y
  Windows Y Y
   Linux Y Y

If you need more crossbrowser testing…

Cypress Testcafé
Cloud Testing
  Sauce Labs Roadmap Y
  BrowserStack Roadmap Y


If you need help in making a choice in what framework to use for your automated tests, please reach out.

I am a specialist at Qxperts. We empower companies to deliver reliable & high-quality software. Any questions? We are here to help!

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2 years ago

A top-notch comparison, thank you.

2 years ago

Awesome write up. Thanks

2 years ago

Can TestCafe perform API testing or component level grey-box testing?

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