Stater is experiencing difficulties and delays in the delivery of the two-monthly release cycle. These problems are caused by differences in environments, errors due to manual installation actions and conflicts due to late integration. Next to that the IT-services  were perceived by the business as slow and inflexible, because of the many hand-over moments and many contact persons within IT. The IT staffing was a very complicated process and inaccurate, causing lots of delays.


Xebia solved these problems by using best practices from Continuous Delivery. In addition, Xebia did a full agile transition from 0 towards 35 multidisciplinary agile teams. The complete way-of-working changed from waterfall to agile within little over 1 year.


The introduction of Scrum helps the development organization to embrace change, speed up their release cycles and increase the predictability of the releases. Full automation of the delivery pipeline prevents errors due to human activities and ensures uniformity of the environments enabling seamless code promotion throughout the pipeline. Automating the release process has a positive impact on costs.

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