With more than 6,000 employees DHL Benelux is the market leader in the Benelux. The strategy of DHL (globally) is to gain a top position in deliveries made by using an e-commerce platform. By making life easier for their customers, they want to further expand this position in both the business and consumer markets.


DHL asked Xebia to implement the new SelfService environment for Belgium ( This new platform for deliveries should also be ready to expand to service other countries. Xebia used an agile team of 3 developers to build this new selfservice platform. To be sure the platform could also service other countries the platform is build using Scala, AngularJS, Cassandra and AWS.


The agile way of working allowed the DHL Product Owner to have full control over the planning and prioritizing of the new product. This made sure that the finalized product was a perfect fit with the business requirements of DHL. The technology used makes sure the new platform is ready for large amounts of customers and different countries.

  • DHL
  • Scala
  • Angular
  • Cassandra
  • Amazon

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