ANVA is a service-oriented IT service provider for the insurance sector. Established in 1975, the company is not only a software developer, but also provides consultancy and IT management services, and training courses. Under the motto “connecting customers”, ANVA builds connectivity. On the one hand between ANVA and its customers, on the other hand between financial service providers and consumers.

The insurance sector is on the move. And that is compelling ANVA to put innovation high on the agenda. ANVA’s IT application landscape is heterogeneous and consists of various components and technologies that need to be continuously integrated and tested. Recently, the organization has undergone various innovations. One of these innovations is working according to the scrum principle and accelerating feedback on the software development process.


To accelerate the development process and improve quality, ANVA opted for test automation. By testing earlier on in the process and implementing it in interfaces and APIs using automation, ANVA’s aim was to get feedback about the quality of the product under development faster, more often and consistently. Given the diversity in the IT landscape and the challenges that this brings, ANVA needed an external knowledge and consulting partner. ANVA chose Xebia.


Xebia set up a framework and content for ANVA for the automated testing of application functionalities. For this, various best practices were applied for setting up a good and maintainable test code. In addition, Xebia supported ANVA in the proper integration of the framework in the agile working method. Xebia also trained ANVA’s testers so that they could get to work with it. ANVA can maintain and expand the framework that Xebia set up on their own. The mindset towards testing has changed. Testing is no longer something that takes place afterwards, instead it is anchored in the scrum process. ANVA can now carry out automated testing on all product interfaces using one framework. This is to the full satisfaction of many passionate members of staff. Thanks to the new method of working, the quality of the code and its maintainability have been greatly improved. Also, the time required to make the product worthy of release has been shortened from three weeks to one week.

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