Scrum Master Playbook - Special Edition

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Want to boost transparency and bridge learning gaps? This Scrum Master Playbook will nurture work engagement and spark problem-solving. Bring the elements of play, curiosity, and creativity into your teamwork and training programs! 

Apply this Playbook to your Scrum, and all your events will be truly eventful!

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Sharon Bowman – Author of the bestseller: “Training from the back of the Room”

The Scrum Master Playbook is a little gem 💎 of a book! Written in a fun, playful style (with lots of whimsical graphics), it engages you, the reader, from the first moment you open its pages. It demonstrates how to bring the elements of play, fun, curiosity, and learner engagement into your own Scrum teams and training programs. The authors invite you to “play” with dozens of practical, simple, interactive strategies that you can immediately use to engage your learners. 

Relevance of Play in Scrum

All plays in this book promote collaboration and collective (team) ownership and are instrumental during:

  • Sprints – to provide focus to an otherwise distracted, disrupted, impeded, or scattered team (not a focused one!), serving the goal of any sprint: turning ideas into value.
  • Sprint Planning – to promote orientation and collaboration towards the Sprint Goal, as the purpose of Sprint Planning is to create a forecast for the Sprint.
  • Daily Scrum – to make Scrum events eventful and worth everyone’s time.
  • Sprint Review – to boost Stakeholder attendance and “serve what you’ve cooked” in the right way.
  • Sprint Retrospective – to reflect on people, processes, and tools respectfully and encouragingly.