GitHub Actions in Action  

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Automate your build, test, and deploy pipelines using GitHub Actions!

Continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines help you automate the software development process and maximize your team’s efficiency. GitHub Actions in Action teaches you to build real-world build, test, and deploy pipelines in GitHub Actions through hands-on labs and projects.

In GitHub Actions in Action you will learn how to:

  • Create and share GitHub Actions workflows
  • Automate CI/CD workloads and other GitHub tasks
  • Secure release pipelines with secrets, variables, and environments
  • Support compliance frameworks
  • Create safe and scalable self-hosted runners

GitHub Actions in Action is filled with battle-tested methods for automating delivery pipelines and delivering features faster. DevOps engineers will love the coverage of reliable methods for Infrastructure-as-Code and automating cloud environments. Written by three Microsoft MVPs and tech-reviewed by a Staff DevOps Architect from GitHub, this book delivers the hardworking skills and advice you’ll need to be successful on the job.

About the Book

GitHub Actions in Action shows you exactly how to implement a secure and reliable continuous delivery process with just the tools available in GitHub—no complex CI/CD frameworks required! You’ll follow an extended example application for selling tickets, taking it all the way from initial build to cloud deployment.

The first part of the book introduces the basics of workflows and actions, all illustrated with simple examples. You’ll then move on to the platform’s architecture, security considerations, and in-depth coverage of the workflow runtime. Finally, you’ll learn how to deliver a complete CI/CD pipeline, including compliance, performance, and cost optimization. You’ll even learn to create your own actions that you can share in the GitHub marketplace!

The Reader

For software developers and DevOps engineers already working with GitHub and looking to expand to GitHub Actions.

The Authors

Michael Kaufmann has been rewarded the title Microsoft Regional Director (RD) and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).
Rob Bos is a Trainer (Azure and GitHub), Microsoft MVP, and LinkedIn Learning Instructor.
Marcel de Vries is the Co-Founder, Global MD, and CTO of Xebia Microsoft Services, Microsoft MVP for over 17 consecutive years, and Microsoft Regional Director (RD) since 2008.

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