The Dutch NoSQL Community is Alive!

12 Jun, 2010
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The Dutch NoSQL community is alive! Now, if you are new to NoSQL and you happen to have a Relational Database background, then rest assure: the NoSQL movement is not a militant group trying to get rid of SQL altogether. The N.o. in NoSQL represents: Not only. In the NoSQL community, we are looking at alternative ways to handle data (in particular big data), and it turns out there a myriad of solutions popping up these days, such as:

  • Google Big Table
  • HBase
  • Tokyo Cabinet
  • Cassandra
  • MongoDB
  • CouchDB
  • Voldemort

… and this is only scratching the surface. So, there is plenty of stuff to explore and discuss. The Dutch NoSQL Community is getting people together to discuss these topics.
Our first mission is to be the Dutch host of the NoSQL Summer initiative: a seasonal, worldwide reading club for databases, distributed systems & NOSQL-related scientific papers. Because – as the Berlin group stated it – “What could be a better excuse to hang out in a sunny beergarden after work than to discuss dry CS fundamentals like Relational Algebra or Paxos with fellow geeks? Err … anyway, this is gonna be fun.” And fun it will be.
So, if your interested to join in and meet your fellow swimmers, we warmly welcome you to our first meeting, on July 1, in Amsterdam. If you consider joining in, please sign up for it now. (If you can’t make it to that meeting, but you would consider attending some other time, or if you just want to express your sympathy for NoSQL solutions in general, don’t hesitate, just join the group.)


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