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21 Jul, 2023
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Mission and Values

As some of you may know, I had the opportunity to start a company as part of Xebia back in 2014. We built our company based on a simple but profound mission: we want to be the authority in what we do, and we support this with our values: People First, Sharing Knowledge, Quality without compromise, and Customer Intimacy.

Attracting Talented People

One thing I never thought about is that this also drives the fact that we attract so many talented people, many of whom are passionate about blogging, writing articles, and speaking at meetups and conferences. This has resulted in the fact that we currently have 21 Microsoft MVPs!

The Truth Behind MVPs and Company Culture

Interestingly, this also leads to the mysterious conviction I hear about our company, that you need to be an MVP to work for us and that we have a strongly competitive company culture. You might be surprised to learn that the opposite is true. We have had many people join us over the years, but what we look for is a growth mindset and a strong drive to become the best. Some have even joined us with the statement, “I will never be on stage, that is what I hate!” Ironically, one of these individuals became an MVP a few years later after helping us build the Global DevOps BootCamp, which made him change his mind. Now, he is speaking at industry-recognized conferences like Visual Studio Live! and GitHub Universe. It is truly gratifying to see how things can change so quickly when you have such an inspiring team around you.

Embracing Growth Mindset

I am often asked if I am proud of having 21 MVPs in our company. My standard response is that I am proud of all the people who work for us! It is the same when you have kids, and one of them becomes famous. Sure, that person is famous, but you love all your kids equally. So, yes, I take pride in the fact that Microsoft has recognized 21 of our employees as MVPs, but I am even prouder of all 150 people who work with us every day, helping customers move the business needle with our knowledge and passion for Microsoft technologies. They are all champions to me!

Celebrating All Employees

Our team helps companies drive their cloud adoption, application modernization, and DevOps adoption initiatives. They also share their knowledge internally and externally so that others can grow as well. This is what you will consistently see from us because it is what we do.

So, I would like to thank all our people who help us become an Epic Company and give a big shout-out to our MVPs who have been rewarded, as you also deserve this recognition! Thanks for being awesome!


Inspired by our story and want to work for us?

Perhaps you might think, “Damn, I really need a team of experts who can help me move our business needle in Azure Cloud, DevOps, or application modernization.” Let us know, and we will be happy to help!




PS, here’s the link to our latest innovation day video.

Marcel de Vries
Marcel is a key figure in the technology sector, serving as the co-founder and Global MD & CTO of Xebia Microsoft Services. He is deeply involved in advancing organizational capabilities to deploy software swiftly and securely, emphasizing the importance of innovation and productivity while maintaining compliance. Marcel is passionate about technology and continuous learning, often sharing his insights at leading industry events and through online courses on Pluralsight. Recognized for his contributions, Marcel has been honored with the Microsoft MVP award for over 17 consecutive years and is a Microsoft Regional Director since 2008. His expertise spans across Cloud Adoption Strategies, DevOps, and various cloud computing frameworks, making him a respected voice in the tech community.

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