Swift Path to Rapid Innovation and Product 1.0

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Imagine the following scenario:

  • You are a successful, seasoned technology entrepreneur or a new ISV startup with a bright idea for a disruptive, and innovative new product/service.
  • You have adequate funding for a 1.0 build out.
  • You are confronting acute shortage of technology talent or dealing with capacity constraints, and yet you would like to hit the market with your disruptive product/service ASAP.
  • You might be tech savvy, but need help in productizing your idea and a rapid rollout
  • You would like early validation and fine tuning of your user scenarios, before committing additional time and resources.
  • You are afraid that you don’t have the time and bandwidth to recruit and build a team to translate your idea into a viable, market ready product.
  • You don’t want to simply outsource, as this is a product and not a project. You would like to stay in control as your idea is transformed into a solution.
  • You would like to leverage your domain expertise and market understanding and focus on the strategic and business aspects, and would prefer to have a strategic partner who can do the rest.


Welcome to the ISV startup world. What I have outlined above is a realistic scenario and not an isolated snapshot. You are not dealing with a fairy tale bootstrapped ISV startup working out of a garage, high on adrenalin, low on capital, but with hands on technology skills. You are a pragmatic entrepreneur with a mature understanding of technology, business landscape, and an awareness of the skills, and process required to translate your business idea into a tangible technology solution. Yet, you are also aware of the severe capacity constraints and time-to-market pressure in the western markets.

We at coMakeIT have a service that is a perfect solution for ISV startups. Through our unique “Product 1.0” service, we offer entrepreneurs and ISV startups a swift path to bring their disruptive innovation to the market. Our service offering includes the following:


  • Complete life cycle product development services delivered through a dedicated team to translate your idea into a market ready Product 1.0.
  • A top notch technology team (named and dedicated), put together with the requisite skills and expertise in the shortest possible time
  • Proven expertise in onboarding and incubating teams, and transforming them into high performance units
  • Support in the form of shared services (physical infrastructure, ICT, HR, payroll etc) avoiding the need for you to invest in capex or get locked into expensive long-term commitments prior to validating your product idea
  • Support through tooling, as well as coaching and mentoring on Agile software product development processes and best practices


In effect, coMakeIT through its unique service delivery resolves all the pain points for you in terms of access to talent, technology and product development expertise, process knowhow, and risk mitigation by removing the need for initial capex. In addition, you as an entrepreneur can benefit in the following ways:

  • access top notch technology talent, coupled with an organizational framework that is capable of cutting edge delivery
  • spares you the rigors of painstaking process of recruitment as well as organization and team building
  • enables you to validate your ideas, user scenarios, and assumptions through an Earliest Testable Product (Product 1.0 that is much more than a prototype) that can be tested by the target user community, facilitating an early feedback loop.
  • through an early user validation cycle, enables you to prove the viability of your product/service to the investor community, thereby enhancing your ability to attract further financing
  • as an entrepreneur, spares your bandwidth that can be better focused on the core strategic business aspects
  • do what you are best at, assessing markets/opportunities, formulating brilliant product ideas and allow coMakeIT to build the product hassle free for you


Consider the case of Sinzer, a Dutch ISV, that benefited from coMakeIT’s unique engagement model. 3 years ago, Sinzer came up with the idea of a solution for measuring social impact management that can be used by public/private enterprises as well as the non-profit sector. From there coMakeIT stepped in and delivered the following:

  • helped Sinzer define user stories and use case scenarios for different groups
  • established a 4-member team to work exclusively for Sinzer
  • designed and delivered an architectural blueprint for the solution
  • developed and released the 1.0 version of Sinzer’s SROI (Social Return on Investment) tool within the first 6 months.
  • since then, delivered multiple customizations and iterative releases through a streamlined product and release management process


The initial team that coMakeIT recruited and mentored for Sinzer exclusively is continuously maturing and working on executing its product roadmap. Over the years, coMakeIT has proven the unique advantages of its service delivery model, that is particularly well suited for ISVs of all sizes, which seek a mature engagement with service providers that is much more than out sourcing and offshoring.

With our product development DNA, unparalleled insights into agile processes, and passion for facilitating organizational scaling, our strategic engagement framework is uniquely positioned for ISVs.

Numerous ISVs from across the world benefited from their partnerships with coMakeIT. Irrespective of your company size or stage, if you are an ISV, you can also benefit from our unique service capabilities.

Kiran Madhunapantula, COO
Kiran Madhunapantula is passionate about radical trends in software development using techniques like Lean Software Development and Scrum, building high-performance teams, and organizing distributed innovation.

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