Streamlining AI-Driven Digital Transformation with GitHub Copilot

03 Apr, 2024
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As global enterprises grapple with the challenges of expediting software development cycles, fostering innovation, boosting developer efficiency, and incorporating advanced AI capabilities, the need for a robust solution is more pressing than ever. GitHub Copilot emerges as a pivotal tool in this landscape, offering a seamless integration that aligns with these organizational imperatives.  

Developers, Meet Your New Copilot 

Xebia is a Global Verified GitHub Partner helping organizations worldwide to build better and more secure software through the power of the GitHub platform. We’re showing major brands worldwide and across industries the tangible benefits of GitHub Copilot.  

GitHub Copilot is an AI-powered code completion tool developed by GitHub in collaboration with OpenAI. It assists developers by suggesting whole lines or blocks of code as they type, effectively acting as a pair programmer trained on lots of open-source code. Additionally, through the Chat interface, developers can leverage prompts to assist them in navigating through their code, creating unit tests, refactoring code, and more. As described by GitHub, Copilot helps developers all over the world “to code faster, drive impact, and focus on doing what matters most: building great software.” 

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Customer Stories 

A multinational data analytics and consumer credit reporting company already had 200-300 engineers using Copilot. However, they reached out to Xebia because the company was stuck. They needed to scale the adoption and use of GitHub Copilot to the rest of its 5-6,000 engineers, but they didn’t know how to do that. Because some of their engineers were already using GitHub Copilot, we were able to bypass some preliminary stages, like a pilot program. A quick assessment of where the company was along its journey enabled our team to immediately focus on the client’s need to scale its adoption of GitHub Copilot.

Through our Xebia Academy, we created a new course for this client focused on Prompt Engineering, which teaches engineers how to develop and optimize generative AI prompts to produce desired results effectively. In addition to its relevant practical knowledge, this course demonstrated the effective use of GitHub Copilot to the company’s engineers. Along the way, we embedded our team with the client’s developers to help them understand how to use Copilot to augment their existing working methods. 

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The engineering team at a multinational home improvement retail store identified the need to scale. The team recognized that its best move was to work with the company’s internal organization, helping to upskill other developers. This company enlisted Xebia to help achieve this goal. Despite its existing dependence on Google technology, our team convinced the client that GitHub Copilot was the perfect solution to address the company’s identified focus of enhancing the developer experience journey.  

Xebia worked with the client to organize internal boot camps and hackathons to get thousands of developers not just using Copilot but also getting the most out of it. The company is pleased with the results and continues on its journey to get all 9,000+ engineers using Copilot. 


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Every Pilot Benefits From a Good Copilot 

GitHub boasts that Copilot is the world’s most widely adopted AI developer tool. Copilot is being implemented at global companies across all sectors, and the countless companies that have integrated GitHub Copilot demonstrate its role as a catalyst in transforming operational dynamics and setting a new standard for technological excellence. 

Xebia is passionate about empowering developers to innovate faster and enabling companies of all sizes to accelerate the speed of software development. Whether it’s elevating developer workflows, enabling greater collaboration, or simply improving coding speed, Copilot is quickly becoming the solution of choice for leading organizations to plan, build, secure, and ship software.

The tangible results delivered by Copilot demonstrate how patience, understanding, and strategic collaboration can lead to transformative outcomes for companies willing to embrace new technologies. 

Why developer satisfaction should be your main priority, and how GitHub Copilot will help you achieve it.

Discover how prioritizing developer happiness with GitHub Copilot can revolutionize your development process. Our e-book, “Happy Developers, Happy Business,” highlights the importance of Developer Experience (DevEx) in boosting productivity, collaboration, and job satisfaction.

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Esteban Garcia
Managing Director at Xebia Microsoft Services US and a recognized expert in DevOps, GitHub Advanced Security, and GitHub Copilot. As a Microsoft Regional Director (RD) and Most Valuable Professional (MVP), he leads his team in adopting cutting-edge Microsoft technologies to enhance client services across various industries. Esteemed for his contributions to the tech community, Esteban is a prominent speaker and advocate for innovative software development and security solutions.

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