Python Masterclass with Restart Network

21 Aug, 2018
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Restart Network is a non-profit coding school in The Netherlands that makes tuition-free world-class education available to refugees and low-income students. For the third time, Rodrigo Agundez contributed his time and knowledge to a group of ambitious refugees, eager to get their lives and careers back on track.

Training Refugees

“A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to help refugees in the Netherlands re-integrate to society by giving a pro-bono Python masterclass. This was only possible with the help of Restart Network, an organization helping refugees acquire IT skills so that they can integrate into the Dutch society and find a nice job.”

Restart Network group 3 for the Python Masterclass of August 2018

“I love to participate in helping them because I think their path has been hard and I believe many success stories happen because of the opportunities that people have. Coming from Mexico to Europe 8 years ago via a scholarship I understand that and I want to give them the opportunity to learn an IT skill that can help them out.”

Rodrigo Agundez during Python Masterclasses

Amazing Drive

For me, this was the 3rd time that I shared my knowledge with a group of refugees. The drive of the people never ceases to amaze me. "The participants come from very diverse backgrounds, some have no previous IT knowledge at all. They always ask a lot of questions, as they are really trying to understand concepts which they are not necessarily familiar with yet."

Restart Network Python Masterclass

Providing a training like this really makes a difference. When I get feedback from the Restart Network I hear that people are able to get jobs as a result of the different pro-bono IT courses they received. So if you also would like to help please contact me on LinkedIn:

Rodrigo Agundez on Linkedin or Restart Network directly.


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