Podcast Episode 8 online: SCRUM, interview with Jeff Sutherland (pt. 2/2)

18 Jul, 2007
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Well the podcast tech guy went on a holiday but he’s back and we can continue our Xebia podcast! So here’s Episode number 8.
After the 2 introductory SCRUM podcasts we go onto advanced topics with co-creator of SCRUM Jeff Sutherland.
The interview was done by host Serge Beaumont and Marco Mulder. This is part 2 of the interview.
The topics covered are;

  • Role of the manager
  • Example impediments
  • Time sheets and better estimates?
  • Help wanted! Data collection and reporting
  • Distributed teams
  • The Architect and SCRUM
    You can download the episodes here or subscribe here.
Robert van Loghem
I'm always interested in the latest and greatest when it comes to; communication, infrastructure, user experience and coming up with some crazy creative solution which might seem as a weird combination ;) I use and spread the word about multimedia (podcasts, vodcasts, movies, comics) to effectively communicate concepts, ideas, documentation, past experiences and so on. Furthermore i am heavy into infrastructure but then the middleware part, like HTTP servers, Application Servers, Messaging, Virtualization, etc... I get really enthousiastic if the infrastructure is clustered, highly available and is critical to doing business! I also like to do development and thus "i eat my own dogfood".

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