Our Answer To the Alert Storm: Introducing Team View Alerts

21 Jul, 2016
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As a Dev or Ops it’s hard to focus on the things that really matter. Applications, systems, tools and other environments are generating notifications at a frequency and amount greater than you are able to cope with. It’s a problem for every Dev and Ops professional.
Alerts are used to identify trends, spikes or dips in your metrics and events – for example to detect low free memory, high page-fault errors or unavailable database servers. With the right alerts in place you can get notifications or signals of problems before they escalate or respond quickly before it takes a business service down which could affect your customers.
But most companies don’t have the right alerts.
When problems occur, they have to manually correlate all alerts, metrics, events and log files from different tools to get contextual information and to understand the problem they are dealing with. How do you know which alert you have to focus on and which not?
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