MoreAgile Manifesto

23 Dec, 2010
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We encounter possibilities to focus more on effectiveness by working Agile and learning from that. Based upon our experience we value :
Teamwork & responsibility over Individuals and Interaction
Deliver Value over Working software
Partnership elaboration over Customer collaboration
Embrace change over Respond to Change
While we value the Agile Manifesto, we state that MoreAgile is more Agile.

Teamwork & responsibility over Individuals and Interaction
You need great individuals and the better they interact the better it is. But more important than having great individuals who interact brilliantly, is to have great Teams. A Team that really works together will be multiple times more effective than a set of individuals interacting. Give the Team as much responsibility as possible and stimulate Teams to fulfil that responsibility !
Deliver Value over Working software
Working software is great, and it’s definitely better than comprehensive documentation. In many cases working software adds to the real goal, but in fact it’s not about software. Software in itself has no value. It’s what you do with it : It’s about the value you create with this software. No, in fact it’s just all about creating value ! With or without software.
Partnership elaboration over Customer collaboration
Customer collaboration is a fine statement and it will always lead to a suboptimal situation. Collaboration is fine, it’s the customer part that indicates a demand-supplier relationship which holds an unbalanced relationship. Collaborating with your customer is important, but working on a partnership is better. Become together responsible for the result, no more demand suply, just one goal and a Team making it happen.
Embrace  change over Respond to Change
There will be change ! A lot of it. It’s good to respond to that change. It’s even stronger to create a setting where change is normal. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have….
MoreAgile organizations follow these principles.


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