Landmark reached: 20000 unique visitors per month

04 Jul, 2009

It kind of snuck up on us, but when we recently checked the blog visitor statistics, we found that we had gone over 20000 unique visitors per month in april! So to all of you who’ve stayed with us through the past years, to all the Xebians and ex-Xebians who have been contributing posts, and to all who commented on the blog: a big thank you. We hope we can keep offering the content that will push us to, let’s say, 50000! 🙂

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12 years ago

Congratulations and All the best to reach 50k and higher .. I subscribed to Xebia RSS impressed by the JPA related blog entries.

Andreas Ebbert-Karroum
12 years ago

Well done. Content is king 🙂

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