Ktor and SQLDelight for Kotlin Back-End Development

11 Apr, 2023
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Backend development is one of the hottest topics in the Kotlin community. As the last developer survey shows, almost half of Kotliners are working on web applications. Although Kotlin has excellent interoperability with libraries in the JVM platform, new libraries have been developed with a more Kotlin-idiomatic approach. These libraries are now mature enough to be the foundation for your new web application or service.

Xebia’s functional team is at the forefront of Kotlin back-end development. This platform has every ingredient required to grow and succeed in the coming years. The Xebia Functional Academy is proud to present our first two courses about Kotlin back-end development, focusing on Ktor and SQLDelight. Both courses feature video lessons and practical exercises, so you’ll learn by doing.

Ktor is a Kotlin-first library for client and server HTTP, an excellent choice for your new microservice or application. Our Ktor course covers everything from your first app to testing and deployment, with more than three hours of video content. As mentioned above, exercises are an integral part of the course; you’ll have a running Ktor app from lesson one.

SQLDelight bridges the SQL and Kotlin worlds; it allows you to carefully optimize your queries for your data access patterns while bringing type safety and superb integration with Kotlin code. Xebia Functional Academy has prepared a new no-nonsense course on SQLDelight. The course not only covers the SQLDelight library but also discusses useful SQL patterns to improve the performance of your code.

Our engineers and trainers at Xebia are committed to making the Kotlin back-end ecosystem flourish. Our team includes several Arrow maintainers, a popular library for functional-inspired programming in Kotlin, which we also cover in another course. Xebia also organizes Kotlin Dev Day, a conference focused on the Kotlin community.

This is an excellent opportunity to be at the forefront of a growing community of Kotlin back-end developers. To celebrate the launch of these courses, we’re happy to offer a 15% discount for all Kotlin courses in the Xebia Functional Academy using the code kotlinxebia23. This discount code is valid until May 10th, 2023.


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