Join us on 16/9: Technologie & Maatschappij: Zorg of Zegen

24 Aug, 2015
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Event: Technologie & Maatschappij: Zorg of Zegen?

On Wednesday September 16th, Cloud Management Professionals organizes the event
Technology & Maatschappij: Zorg of Zegen? in cooperation with Druva, Nutanix and
xebia. Thought leaders Niek van Leeuwen (Country manager Uber)
and Christine Petersen (former CMO TripAdvisor) will share their vision on the (near) future of
technology in our society. You are welcome to join us for an afternoon of knowledge sharing and
networking in De Waag in Amsterdam.

End network drinks at 17:00
LocationDe Waag, Amsterdam
CostThe event is free to attend, but seats are limited.

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Programme Technology and Society: Burden or blessing?

Markets are being disrupted by companies with new business models. Often, these new players are
technology-driven and extremely agile, which makes them highly responsive to changes in their

During the afternoon of September 16th, three speakers from different backgrounds and with diverse
experience, will share their opinion about the position of technology in our modern-day society and
talk about both opportunities and threats. At the end of the afternoon, you will understand more
about the impact of technology on society and why we should welcome or steer away from certain
developments. During the network drinks at the end of the programme, you will have plenty to discuss
this with the other participants!

The afternoon will be chaired by our host of the day Roderik van Grieken.


Uber logo

Uber delivers a better, safer and cheaper means of transportation per car and aims at making urban
car-ownership a thing of the past. Country manager Niek van Leeuwen will share his vision on the
market developments for the near future.

Brenno de Winter

Brenno de Winter is a well-known Dutch ICT and investigative journalist. He will address the digital
missteps of companies and governments.


Tripadvisor logo

Christine Petersen is a former CMO of TripAdvisor. She will share her experiences as a pioneer of
online reviews and the influence on consumer emancipation.

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