Installing Oracle Service Bus 10gR3 on Mac Os X

24 Dec, 2008

Last week I installed WebLogic and the AquaLogic Service Bus on a Mac. There is no Mac-download on the download page, but by using the HP-UX version everything works fine, you just have to add some command line parameters.

How to install WebLogic on a Mac is explained in this blog:
Running WebLogic Server 10g Release 3 on a Mac
Make sure you also read the comments on the blog when you get errors, they contain valuable information that’ll save you a lot of time.
Go to the Oracle download page and pick the HP-UX Itanium version. I picked the HP-UX version because it’s in fact a generic version.
Run the installer on the command line (don’t run the jar directly!):

java -Xmx1024m -jar osb103_wls103_generic.jar

Since the WebLogic installer had some memory problems on a Mac I added the -Xmx1024m paramter. The parameter is added to prevent the “Insufficient disk space!” error.
Follow the default installation instructions. When the screen “Choose Products and Components” appears I also included the Service Bus Examples, they might come in handy.
After installing the OSB you have to extend your domain with the Oracle Service Bus (or just create a new domain).
Start the Configuration Wizard ($BEA_HOME/wlserver_10.3/common/bin/ and pick Extend an existing WebLogic domain (assuming you already have a domain running)
Search for the directory where your domain is running (ie. $BEA_HOME/user_projects/domain/base_domain)

I chose to replace all components when asked for and picked the default choice at every wizard screen.
The changes you made to (see the blog by Yusuke Yamamoto I mentioned earlier) also have to be reapplied.
When you start your domain (with you should be able to access the Service Bus Console on
To check whether things are working I followed the first tutorial.


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12 years ago

Thanks for your guide. I have a problem getting OSB to run on my Mac so I hope you can/will help me.
After the installation and I have created a new domain, I try to start the WLS/OSB with ./
The server starts but a few seconds after it writes “Server state changed to STARTING” I get the message:
Stopping PointBase server…
PointBase server stopped.
And it stops 🙁
Do you have any ideas?
Best Regards,

11 years ago

This is a memory issue. Edit and add:
USER_MEM_ARGS=”-Xms256m -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m”

6 years ago

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