I love Experiments with MIT Sloan professor Sinan Aral – August 30

01 Jun, 2016
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GoDataDriven and Arjan Haring, Social Entrepreneur at The Control Group, are excited to invite you for I love Experiments, August 30, one day full of experiments where you have the unique opportunity to work with Sinan Aral.

About Sinan Aral

Sinan Aral is the David Austin Professor of Management and Professor of Information Technology and Marketing at the MIT Sloan School of Management. His research focuses on social contagion, product virality and measuring, and managing how information diffusion in massive social networks such as Twitter and Facebook affects information worker productivity, consumer demand, and viral marketing.

He is a frequent speaker at such thought leading events as TEDxSiliconValley, TEDxColumbia Engineering, TEDxNYU, Wired’s “Nextwork,” and PopTech. His work has been published in leading journals such as the American Journal of Sociology, Information Systems Research, Management Science, Marketing Science, Nature, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), Science, Organization Science, the Harvard Business Review, and the Sloan Management Review.


Are you interested in experimentation within your organization, or already running your own experiments? Join the workshop, the presentation or the executive dinner. Read more about the three ways in which you can attend this day:


13:00 — Work in small teams on a real case with Sinan (limited availability)

For who is this? Seasoned lean startup experts, more advanced data scientists, product managers, senior designers. Required is experience working in a data-driven organisation.

We will work on a case by a world leading food retailer. The case will work from strategy to new concepts that need to be tested by business experiments. The experiments are the outcome of the afternoon session. In the tradition of fact-based marketing we will combine data and creativity to come up with powerful new but especially testable ideas.

Participation is free of charge but seats are limited.

Register for the afternoon: Work with Sinan on a real use case

Early evening

18:00 — Listen to Sinan talk

For who is this? Anyone interested in experimentation, or already running experiments. This presentation is open to the whole community of experimenters and free of charge.

Register for Sinan Aral’s presentation at 18 o’clock


20:00 — Executive dinner with Sinan

For who? Executives who are already running a portfolio of innovation experiments or very interested to learn more. This is an exclusive dinner in Amsterdam where you will and get an intimate and strategic update on the field of business experimentation.

Join the exclusive executive dinner at 20 o’clock


I love Experiments takes place at the GoDataDriven Amsterdam office, Wibautstraat 202, Amsterdam.


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