Great Indian Developer's Summit

28 May, 2008
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Great Indian Developers Summit was held from may 21-23 at Banglore, India Around 3,000 developers attended it. This is supposed to be the biggest developer’s summit so far in India.
Climate was very good in Banglore despite the summers in India. Many reputed speakers around the world were there to give their presentations. It was like a kick-off before a champions league final , huge number of attendees, huge auditoriums, all set for a great summit for first time in India.
Sponsers included some big brands like Oracle, Msdn, Nokia, Adobe, Amazon, Yahoo, Infosys etc. The facilities were excellent and very well arranged and organised. Abhishek, Ganesh, Saket, Sunil and Vivek represented Xebia at the summit. Here goes the summary of the 3 days that we have been there.

Day 1 Rich Web
Topics revolved around Web 2.0 and RIA
I liked the session by alessandro alinone on comet(Ajax Push data to browser when ever new data is available).
I am new to Ajax and I thought there are lot of Real-Time web applications that are being developed based on Ajax and so it is worth looking in to these pastures.
The decription of Allesandro’s session :
Several applications require real-time data to be effective, for example financial market data visualization; online auctions; online gaming; messaging systems and social networks. The Comet paradigm, as an extension to the traditional Ajax techniques, allows any web page to receive real-time data pushed by a specialized server.
Allesandro showed examples of websites (uses the comet paradigm)of stock trading where data changes are very frequent.
Many Ajax sessions were conducted in parallel in diferent halls.
Day 2: Daring Java – Day 1
I personally liked the presentation of Dr.Holly Cummins, a performance expert IBM, UK. She gave some of her ideas and experiences about the garbage collector and some general rules like the going by the row instead of column in an Array , use of reference objects ,trade-off in increasing the heap size.
She developed some garbage collection analysis tools during her 6 years stay at IBM. This was completely new to me.;303&articleid=5474
Day 3 : Daring Java – Day 2
I chose wicket track, as my affinity towards wicket took over me.
Peter Thomas from Satyam gave a session on Apache Wicket. I hoped to have an advanced session on this but this was basic and not more than what we are doing in our projects.
Peter claimed that he was a friend of Anurag and he was impressed when we said that we used the Wicket tester as well in our project. There was lot of fighting between the Wicket and JSF fans and the introductory session looked relevant as most of the attendes were not aware of the Wickets’s edge. Later on there was a workshop by Peter on using wicket with spring and hibernate.
All days apart from attending sessions:
We visited some stalls which were organised by sponsors and exhibitors. We visited CORDYS stall, which is also a dutch company. They are Amsterdam based compnay and have a branch in hyderabad. Saket and Sunil won consolation prizes from CORDYS for answering 2 questions(including one mind bending puzzle).
We can share the session videos and ppt’s once we recieve them.
There were some sessions by sponsers themselves which were aimed at marketing rather than any technology perspective, for example the Nokia presentation. All in all this was a great summit, which gave us chance to meet some very good people and some old friends and some new technologies.


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