Graph databases meetup: Hacking Open Data with Neo4j

05 May, 2016
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Tuesday May 3rd 2016 GoDataDriven hosted the Graph Databases Meetup, organized by Neo4j and GoDataDriven’s own Ron van Weverwijk.

Neo4j Graph Databases Meetup

During this session, Rik van Bruggen introduced the attendees to the fundamentals of graph databases. Also, he took some time to explore a interesting publicly available dataset, and import it into Neo4j and ask some interesting questions of the dataset.

Attendees were enthusiastic about the location and the presentations:

"I hadn’t attended the Neo4j meetup for a while, but I noticed the product has matured a lot. It’s always nice to meetup with the friendly Rik and Ron"

"Great content, awesome location."

The next Neo4j is scheduled for June 14th: Open Cypher – The graph query language on June 14th.

Neo4j Graph Databases Meetup


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