Google Currents soon to be sunsetted – get ready for migration

17 May, 2023
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As of July 5, 2023, Google Currents will be replaced by Google Spaces. After that date, the application is no longer available to its end users. Any data can be exported until August 8, 2023. This article briefly explains how the migration will proceed and what you can expect.

Automatic integration from Currents to Spaces

Google Workspace domain administrators had until December 21, 2022 to sign up for the opt-in, to take part in the automatic integration from Currents to Spaces.

Not sure if this applies to your organization? Then quickly go to Currents and check which of the banners below can be seen at the top of the screen.

  1. “Communities in your domain will not be migrated to Spaces; you can continue to use Currents until the product is discontinued on July 5, 2023. More information can be found here. Google+ has moved to Currents. Click here for information on product changes and the applicable Terms of Service.”

Do you see the above banner? Then Google will not perform the migration for your organization. In that case, you can still export your data via Google Takeout until August 8. It is not possible to import the data from this export to a Space. The export can be considered as a backup of your current Currents environment.

  1. “Communities in your domain will be migrated to Spaces on *date* 2023. Click here for more information.”

Does the above banner appear? Then Google will perform the migration for your organization. Be aware that Google Spaces do not support all Currents-posts. Have a look at this list to find out which posts will not be migrated.

Also, not all data will be migrated:

  • Videos (Currents that are posted on YouTube)
  • Polls
  • Organisation-wide posts (sent to entire domain → not to specific community)
  • Reshared posts (posts reshared in different domains, communities, or topic)
  • Categories (labels used for various posts in the community to filter by topic)

You can export the data that has not been migrated until August 8, 2023 via Google Takeout. The migration by Google will start between April and June 2023. The exact date is visible in the yellow banner in your Currents environment (if you have opted for the Opt-in, of course). After the migration date, Currents will no longer be available to end users. From August 8, Google will remove Currents data for everyone.

Other questions? Reach out to your account manager, CSM, or Workplace consultant. Also, we’d like to refer to this community, where you should be able to find all necessary information on the introduction of Spaces.

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