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26 Jan, 2009
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After hearing a lot about distributed source code management (SCM) systems lately, I’ve been playing around with GIT and I like it a lot. As a longtime user of traditional SCMs like CVS and Subversion, working with GIT is something of a revelation and so nothing seems more natural than spreading the gospel a little 🙂

To help other people learn about GIT, I’ve collected some of the most interesting GIT 101 stuff I’ve found around the net.

The Basics

GIT vs Subversion

  • The GIT-SVN crash course: a good starting point for people switching to GIT from SVN
  • A git-svn Tutorial: a good tutorial for using git locally while still working with a central SVN repository.
  • Why GIT Is Better Than X: a good summary of arguments why GIT is better than any other SCM and also a good introduction to some of the most basic features of GIT
  • Three reasons to switch to GIt from Subversion



  • Egit: The GIT eclipse plugin. Still in its early stages but pretty useful already. If you’d rather use another IDE, Idea IntelliJ 8.1 has GIT integration, Netbeans support has just started, and of course there’s always Emacs.
  • GitX: An Max OSX version of the built-in Gitk tool. Same functionality, much better looking.

And finally, the GitHub (awesome !) Guides section contains a lot more information and enough starting points to keep you reading and watching screencasts for hours.

Hopefully this will help get you started with GIT. Please leave a comment when you’ve found other interesting GIT resources.


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