Five Best Practices of Recruiting and Retaining Software Developers

11 Apr, 2014
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If you’re a software company with a great product looking for stellar software developers to create super algorithms for you, then hiring quality talent is inarguably important.

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In today’s highly competitive business environment, software developers are not just looking for a great company, but they also want the right job, the right environment and a growth path packed with opportunities to keep moving forward. If you want to have employees that are motivated to work hard and smart and contribute effectively to the company’s overall productivity and growth goals, then it is crucial that you look beyond traditional interviewing methods or assume that offering higher wages will attract the right people. Instead, focus on finding someone that wants to build a relationship with your company and is passionate about taking it forward to realize his or her career goals.

Steve Jobs himself admitted that the secret to his success was the immense amount of effort he put into hiring the best talent. The backbone for any business is its people and so, business owners have the responsibility of not just hiring the right people, but hiring them for the right positions. This becomes especially crucial if your organization is small or mid-sized because the growth and success of your company becomes directly tied to each individual in the company.  It isn’t just that hiring the right people is the only way to keep your company growing, but also, when you make one wrong decision, you risk losing both time and money.

While hiring good talent is imperative, interviewing scores of people without favourable results can quickly get tiresome. And when you do get lucky after going through several hoops, there is no guarantee that this person is going to stick. Your challenge doesn’t end at hiring really efficient people and setting up the ‘perfect’ team, it also extends to retaining these developers that you are going to groom and who will, in a few months’ time, understand your product in and out.

This is why it’s crucial to institute an effective hiring and retention strategy from the start to ensure that you are not just hiring the right people but you also have set up an employee retention structure, in order to secure your company’s growth.

If hiring and employee retention have become a behemoth in your path to success, we have just the right guide for you. Download our free brochure on the Five Best Practices of Recruiting and Retaining Software Developers so that you can immediately start crafting an effective hiring and retention strategy for your organization.

Sashikanth Pochimcharla
Sashi’s motto is “operational excellence” and it is easier said than done. Sashi has a knack for understanding the customer requirements, and translating them into tangible operational goals in terms of people and processes.

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