Empowering Medical Students to solve a real-world medical problem with AI

08 Feb, 2023
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The AIIS Programme

The AIIS education program is an EU project aimed at educating medical students about applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the healthcare sector and improving their soft skills. It is a significant step forward in fostering a future workforce equipped with the skills and knowledge to use AI in the healthcare sector. The program was created to give students hands-on experience developing AI models for real-world problems. Xebia Data (formerly GoDataDriven) was proud to be a part of the journey.

Solving a real-world medical problem

Part of Xebia Data’s role in the AIIS education program was to create and run the challenge component of the course. This challenge was a critical component of the program, allowing students to put their learning into practice and showcase their skills to the broader AI community. The challenge enabled students to work on real-world problems, using the knowledge and skills they had acquired during the course.

To create the challenges, Xebia Data worked closely with medical professionals to identify relevant medical problems that could be tackled using AI. The problems were then assigned to teams of students who worked on their projects over several weeks. Xebia Data designed the challenges to be challenging and engaging, encouraging students to think creatively and develop innovative solutions. Throughout the challenge period, Xebia Data provided students with guidance and support, helping them to overcome any technical or conceptual difficulties they encountered. We also organized regular check-ins to ensure that all students were on track and progressing with their projects.

Final Event

The final event in December was the culmination of the challenge, and it was a proud moment for everyone involved. The students presented their results to an audience of experts and peers, showcasing their hard work and demonstrating AI’s impact on the medical field. The presentations were of a high standard, with students showing a deep understanding of their challenges and the innovative solutions they developed.

In conclusion, the AIIS education program and the challenge component provided by Xebia Data have been a huge success, demonstrating the potential for AI to have a positive impact on the healthcare sector. The students who participated in the program have gained valuable skills and experience, and we are confident that they will be the next generation of leaders in the field of AI in medicine. We would like to thank the AIIS education program for the opportunity to be a part of this exciting journey and look forward to continuing our work in the field of medical AI.


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