Eight Reasons CeBIT 2014 Is Europe’s Can’t-Miss Event

21 Feb, 2014
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Imagine getting five whole days to hang out with top technology celebrities from all around the world and discussing latest trends, challenges, opportunities and innovations in the industry! What makes this event a must-attend is that the CeBIT conference this year has a singular focus: to give you a glimpse of the top four key markets in the digital industry today- IT and telecommunications, digital media and consumer electronics.

So what are the latest trends that CeBIT is going to shine the flashlights on? Well, here we go:

1.) Big data: A prominent theme for this year’s CeBIT event is Datability. The ultimate aim is to equip organizations with the ability to take data from any source, extract relevant data and use this data to help you in various areas such as: Reducing costs and time to market, developing new products, making well-informed and hence smarter business decisions and more importantly be able to optimize these offerings to make them relevant to the end user, whether you’re in the B2B or B2C space.

2.) Industrial Internet:  The reason Industrial Internet matters so much is because the Internet is now forming the core of an industry that is becoming increasingly digitized. At CeBIT this year, there’ll be speakers discussing the continuing economic revolution as well as the next generation manufacturing industry and the digitization of production and logistic processes which is completely transforming the industrial sector.

3.) Trust & Security: In recent times, there has been a surge of infiltrations into private data communications. Thus, data and system security has come under keen focus.  The following topics are being covered under various presentations at CeBIT:

    • Corporate Data Security
    • Privacy
    • Identity Management
    • Cyberwar – The new silent warface

4.) Smart Infrastructure:  Digitization is the industry’s response to the rising need for modern and efficient infrastructures.  To create an environment conducive to growth, it is necessary to integrate all these infrastructures into intelligent networks. Through equipping organizations with information and knowledge, CeBIT aims to help create enduring societies.

5.) Cloud: Cloud computing is one of the biggest trends of the ICT industry. Although it is constantly evolving, for a lot of users, cloud services are still unclear. For companies to be able to tap all the amazing possibilities, they need to have a very clear view of what cloud has to offer such as hybrid clouds, cloud based apps and so on. At CeBIT, this year, the focus on cloud is going to be huge—it will help you choose the right services for your organization’s success.

6.) Mobile: Mobile is no longer just one of the priorities. It is increasingly starting to become ‘the priority’. With mobile phones increasingly becoming the leading way of accessing the internet, “mobile only” is rapidly becoming the new reality. Organizations across the globe should harness all the various possibilities associated with mobile such as mCommerce, BYOD strategies and so on. CeBIT will be shedding light on various mobile strategies for ICT companies.

7.) Game-changing technologies: It’s pretty apparent that digital technologies are constantly changing and moving to the next level. These new technologies have the power to make or break the game. This is why it’s crucial for businesses to diligently observe these dynamics and see how best they can be applied to their current business models and strategies. The goal is to remain a market leader through awareness and being on top of their game.

8.) Social Business: It is unbelievable the amount of time the average person in possession of a relevant device now spends on social media. There is a huge audience that you can reach out and market to, without having to be intrusive in any way. This user group is also looking to social media for their decision-making process, giving you a golden opportunity to showcase why you are such a great choice. The best part is that you can easily choose between all the various channels for your social communication based on your target audience, cost considerations, and so on.

Impressive Speaker List

The biggest reason to attend CeBIT 2014 will become self-explanatory with the following bonus peek of the speakers:

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Report Ready

We conducted a survey on Cloud/SaaS adoption by ISVs just before CeBIT. We have compiled the results from this survey into an informative report that will help guide your decision on switching to the Cloud. You can download your copy by clicking the picture below:


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