Did God manage his project ‘Creation of Earth’ in a waterfall or an Agile way ?

25 Mar, 2010
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Imagine God creating the world in a waterfall way….

I then, picture God behind a big desk, discussing with all the angels about how Earth could look like.   What animals should be created?, How long should it take to go from complete darkness to complete daylight?  What colors will we use ?….

After having decided on what they wanted to create, how long would they have needed to decide in which order all the creation was supposed to happen?   What comes first ?   The water or the birds,  the trees or the ants, the apple or the snake  ?

Finally,  some Angels started to nag about risks.    Would the animals not get to fat of all the eating ?  Won’t there be any fights ?    How big is the chance the sky will fall down ?

I’m sure they would have talked about it hours and hours for ages.   It’s not that they didn’t have the time to talk for ages ( they’re immortal, you know), but I guess they would have given up long before coming to any good solution.

Instead of all this discussion and thinking, suddenly,  God decides to separate light from darkness.  And after a one day Sprint, He looks around and sees it is okay.   Since there was darkness now, there was a good reason to go home and have a good night of sleep.   He knew He had to make sure He could keep up the speed for some time longer.   (Sustainable pace is as old as the world itself).

At dawn, again He looks around, and with new insight He decides the creation was not yet finished.   It just didnt look like the vision He had in mind yet, a bit boring.

So He creates land and water.   Nice …..   now after a day of labour, He could not only go to bed because of darkness, but also take a long nice bath.    He looks around, after another Sprint of hard work, and was happy with what was there.

More Sprints of days went by and each Sprint He learned from the previous Sprint, creating more complex stuff in the same amount of time.   Starting with plants, and little fish, continuously improving right up to mammals and even man and wife.    What a wonderful learning curve.

And instead of having never ending discussions and making complicated plans, God created Earth so efficiently that He had a Sprint left to take some rest.   On time, on budget, on scope….   The first project ever was a true success.

It is not for no reason they say ‘At the beginning there was nothing…”

No plan, no discussion …. just a Vision and a talented Guy.


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