Deployit integrated with DPAdmin for heterogeneous deployments to IBM DataPower appliances

06 Jul, 2011
Xebia Background Header Wave

In a previous blog I talked about the integration we’ve achieved between XebiaLabs’ Deployit and IBM’s Workload Deployer (still called WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance at the time) to allow users to deploy Java EE packages straight to a private cloud environment managed by IBM Workload Deployer. An IBM developerWorks article with more details is in the publishing queue. When it’s been published, I’ll post a link here. In this blog, I’d like to discuss another integration we’ve been working on.

IBM’s WebSphere DataPower appliances are a family of appliances that provide valuable services for SOA architectures such as XML acceleration (XA35), XML security (XS40) and data integration/ESB (XI50 ). While the DataPower appliances provide a powerful web-based management GUI, they are not easy to automate. The only command line available is an interactive command line that requires you to telnet into the appliance and the other way to automate the system is a SOAP/XML based API that requires quite a lot of coding.



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